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Welcome to CDP. CDP began with a vision to help Australian organisations transform their cultures, empower their employees and achieve success. Our team of experts are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and a commitment to delivering exceptional results through fully customised solutions that address your specific challenges.

From strategic planning and change management to talent acquisition and inclusive leadership development, our capabilities are backed by a commitment to excellence, innovation and a client-centric approach.

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reimagining the future of work

Reimagining The Future Of Work

Let’s focus on the right questions to keep moving forward and create a future where workplace diversity, equity and inclusion led talent strategies are embedded in your organisational culture as a core value, a source of innovation, and a means to sustainability and success.
We spend time with you to understand your organisation’s current staff structure and work together to better attract, engage and retain diverse talent across all levels of the organisation, driving innovation and creativity.
Gender equality is good for business. We can help at every stage of your workplace equality journey, giving your organisation access to strong female leadership that will lead to innovation and high performing staff cultures.
Through the science of personality assessments, you can eliminate bias from the hiring process, speeding up recruitment and ensuring you hire talent best suited for your role’s specific requirements.
We help challenge the status quo and do more of what works for your organisation through our inclusive development programs designed to educate, motivate and inspire inclusive leadership for executives, women in leadership, teams and emerging leaders and the whole organisation when and where it is needed.

CDP Values

We believe that diverse perspectives and experiences are essential for innovation and success. We are committed to helping you build an inclusive culture that values and leverages the unique strengths of your people, culture, and performance.

Integrity | Empathy | Respect | Innovation | Social Responsibility

Our Team of Experts

We are dedicated to understanding your unique needs and a commitment to delivering exceptional results through fully customised solutions that address your specific challenges.

Jeromine Alpe

Jeromine Alpe

Chief Executive

Katrina Dowling

Katrina Dowling

Non-executive Director

Jeremy Alpe

Jeremy Alpe


Laurel Cook

Laurel Cook

Head of Customer Experience

Message From The Founder

‘‘I am incredibly proud to share our journey and the impact we are making on behalf of Australian organisations, promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace. Through our DEI consulting services, we have been privileged to witness the transformative power of fostering inclusive cultures on behalf of our client organisations. As they embrace diversity, becoming more innovative, collaborative and successful by creating inclusive workplace cultures where everyone’s voices are heard and valued.

On behalf of the team at CDP we invite you to join us on this journey towards a more inclusive future and thank you for taking the time to connect with us, learn about our purpose and explore our capabilities that are driving positive change.”

Jeromine Alpe

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Our Success Stories

“No business can grow faster than its people. Jeromine’s clear thinking, influencing and motivating skills, and her thoroughness of execution achieved excellent results for our business”


“Jéromine continues to raise the bar when it comes to driving change within organisations”

Keynote Speaker Executive Coach – Tedx Speaker

“A true professional with a real enthusiasm for learning, connecting people and contributing to a better world through a suite of services through Corporate Diversity Pathways”

Co-Founder Consulting Firm

“An absolute professional. As we evolve in our businesses it is a drive that is most welcoming”

EA Construction

“I am loving working with Jeromine. Her enthusiasm and energy combined with her sharp intellect mean that she is an absolute delight to work with”

Founder Consulting Firm

“A professional and well balanced boutique agency that specializes and delivers the outcomes which is best for both the candidate and the organization that they represent”

Head of Planned Giving Fundraising

In all our experiences of working with Jeromine we have found her not only to be extremely diligent and professional but more importantly she has a unique ability to observe and understand cultures and subcultures.

CEO Non-Profit Foundation

“It has been an absolute privilege to have access to such a senior business professional in our non- profit organisation. Jeromine's business acumen has been a key to the successful development of a high performing team that has helped increase fundraising revenue by 100% in the last three years.”

CEO Non-Profit Foundation

"At very short notice Jeromine kindly agreed to speak with a group of young women at our Comm workshop on the Art of Saying No. From the moment Jeromine entered the room, her obvious passion for the empowerment of women was a joy to be a part of. Jeromine was engaging, enthralling and most of all compassionate. She listened, she coached and she encouraged all those in the room”

ANZ Regional Manager Worldwide Community Based Organisation