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The Science of Personality

Select, develop & build leadership while addressing business challenges.

CDP is Hogan Certified

We can help measure and develop your people at every stage of your talent strategy helping career-minded individuals and leaders at any level of the organisation gain a better understanding of self and how they are perceived by managers, peers, direct reports and others.
The Science of Personality

The CDP Approach

Eliminate bias during hiring and reduce time to hire: Increase employee satisfaction leading to reduced turnover: Create a strong organisational culture.

Boost employee buy-in by providing strategic self-awareness: Identify and nurture future leaders: Stay on the right track by driving innovation and productivity through personality: Help teams collaborate by analysing team strengths, weaknesses and values.

Our Success Story

“In all our experiences of working with Jeromine we have found her not only to be extremely diligent and professional but more importantly she has a unique ability to observe and understand cultures and subcultures.”


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Inclusive Recruitment Search & Selection

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