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Why Women Are Good For Business E-book

Female Executive Leader standing and smiling at the camera for Equity Leadership Network

“A Move From No Female Leaders To 30 Percent Representation Is Associated With A 15 Percent Increase In The Net Revenue Margin”

At Corporate Diversity Pathways, we are proud to be a member of the WGEA Pay Equity Leadership Network. We know that gender diversity drives revenue, increases company profitability, drives innovation and employee engagement leading to peak productivity and performance.

Our diagnostic tools provide a robust road-map to support our corporate, private and NFP sector clients position their organisations for growth, driving revenue and increasing bottom-line profitability. Rather than a one-off project, we explore, engage, execute and evaluate together to deliver long-term sustainable outcomes to educate, motivate and inspire your people leaders to better attract, engage, develop, nurture and retain their female staff across all levels of the organisation.

Organisations that have an effective approach to setting and meeting gender targets share some common characteristics. This checklist will help you to determine if you have the management commitment, resources and systems required to support the achievement of your gender targets. Consider the first three boxes to assess if you have the necessary organisational environment to support the achievement of gender diversity targets. Focus on addressing these key enablers first to ensure your success.

We hope you enjoy this e-book which highlights the advantages of having women in business.

Jéromine Alpe

Founder and CEO Corporate Diversity Pathways